Flexions are a band with absolutely no fear whatsoever. No fear of what they should do, what sells well, or sticking to one, two, or even three musical styles. Formed in Seattle in the spring of 2007, this three-piece (Robin Stein, Devin Welch, Tyler Swan) create the sort of music which couldn’t be any further away from the music which took over their city in the 80's/90's.
 Flexions MP3: Flexions – Underneath The Bank
Rather than plaid shirts and ripped jeans, we have a band that would look quite odd if they wore their influences. We have jazz, ambience, post-punk, dub, psych and pretty much any genre of music they feel like experimenting with. That approach to music can often sound disjointed or, in some cases, really awful showcases at a music college; but Flexions have the right idea about how to fuse them together. You never get the sense that this track is the ‘pysch track’ or that this one is the ‘dub track’. Instead we have a band that is comfortable displaying the music they love and in an exciting manner - rather than becoming masters of pastiche. Download the track above and prepare for your mind to expand twofold. You can visit Flexions by clicking here!