YellowFever prefer ‘minimal art-pop’ than lo-fi. They didn’t tell me that, but I have a feeling that they wouldn’t mind my making that sort of assumption - especially considering the current trend of ‘lo-fi’ music taking over every single corner of the musical press of late. This two-piece (Adam Jones & Jennifer Moore) are from Austin, Texas and are like a disillusioned pop band rather than an indie band with pop intentions. Each song has a direction and structure, which isn’t something to stick your nose up to – it means they can actually write songs. Good songs at that.
 YellowFever MP3: YellowFever - Horse
‘Culver City’ is the perfect example of their song writing abilities. It’s a three minute pop gem about a demon girl, with a standard song structure (verse – chorus etc) underlining it all. Instead of falling fowl to the boring song abyss, YellowFever manage to build interest through a rigid structure to create something quite beautiful. Call me a cynic but most bands around at the moment, at least within the same sonic arena, miss that quality entirely. The band released their debut LP through Wild World Records (owned by the Vivian Girls) last year and I urge you to get it before it sells out completely. You can visit YellowFever by going to