I'm very excited about Mat Riviere. Stupidly excited actually. To the point whereby I pretty much forced my way onto his press release by talking about how he was the best thing to happen to Norwich since the castle was erected. As ridiculous as that might sound, it's pretty much true. It's not an attack on Norwich by any means. I grew up there - but for a place which tagline reads 'a fine city', Mat Riviere is anything but fine. His beats collide and crunch like leafs under a falling foot, whilst his voice is strong like the anchor of a pirate ship. British Why?, Yes and no. I guess time will tell as to whether or not he can have the same sort of emotional connection than Yoni Wolf pulls off but for the time being he's doing a damn fine...I mean GOOD, job.

Mat Riviere - FYH from Brainlove on Vimeo.