Fresh Legs are a strange bunch really. Hailing from Southampton, this four-piece seem to be unable to stick within one genre - leading to songs bleeding different musical styles into each other. A continual blood transfusion of music, some might say.
Fresh Legs MP3: Fresh Legs -
This disinterest in being pigeon-holed is an admirable quality considering the industry they’re in and shows why people have been fawning over them since they formed in 2008; including Rob Da Bank, who’s a massive supporter of the band. If you want a good example of the genre-hopping quality this bands has, look no further than the free track above. It’s the lead single from their EP (‘Julian’) and sees the band travel through indie, pop, paramore style heaviness and a beautifully manic bridge section – which Deerhoof would be proud of. With their EP soon-to-be released (May), I expect they’ll be adding a lot more people to their already swelling fan-base.

Samwise - music video : photographer | MySpace Video
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