Animal Tropical are a strange bunch. Musically you’ve got a band as manic and forward thinking as that other ‘animal’ related band (you know the one) and visually you’ve got a band not afraid to push their classy flamboyance; sort of like a younger Buena Vista Social Club.
 Animal Tropical MP3: Animal Tropical – 20 Miles
The best example of their ‘manic’ nature is the song available to download (above) called ’20 Miles’. It starts with a ridiculously happy vocal harmony and piano line you’d usually find on Broadway or the Muppet Babies but i quickly expands into every corner of the universe, culminating in a bridge section (maybe?) with enough bass to sink a small ship. Their music isn’t weird for the sake of being weird, or in fact ‘weird-by-numbers’, they have far too much talent for that. It’s the depth of their songs which is the most impressive part; songs like ‘Cindy Rodriguez’ showcase a band with the ability to strip things back and still be effective. If you’re stuck in a musical rut, please give these guys a listen. They’re the best band I’ve heard in a very long time. You can visit Animal Tropical by clicking here!