Today we enter a relatively untouched musical arena for The 405, at least within our 'Introducing' series anyway, as we're diving deep into the murky world of electro to present to you the rather awesome Chandeliers.
Chandeliers MP3: Chandeliers - Pharoah's Fury
Coming from Chicago, this four piece summon the god's of electro but allow a more psychedelic/experimental demon take them over. The track they donated to us (above) sees the band towering up layer after layer of sound until vertigo sets in. The drums crash, bleeps attack and the vocals pulsate; resulting in a dirty sound that Crystal Antlers would be proud of. It's not all pysch though as the majority of their stuff will have you dancing like a mad man (listen to 'Mr Electric'). Straight ahead electro, for the most part, is pretty souless; but with these guys the sounds they create feel organic - which is pretty impressive. It also helps that they have a deep understanding of music in general, resulting in an extremely interesting blend of electronic music. Exciting stuff. You can visit Chandeliers by going to