Uh oh. Cue the haters. We’ve got another ‘lo-fi’ band on our hands. Featuring members of Barbaras and Kazalok, Girls of the Gravitron are a Memphis based band are on the right side of the ‘lo-fi’ scale. Thankfully.
Girls of the Gravitron MP3: Girls of the Gravitron - Violent Appetites
They have a gloriously uplifting ‘campfire’ quality about them, which is an extremely admirable quality when you consider that most bands within that spectrum of music rely heavily on creating a bubble of fuzz, with little to no substance backing it up. These guys sound a lot like those moments at festivals when that one guy you kind of know brings an acoustic guitar to the camp, starts playing some song everyone knows and before too long, everyone is singing along. The difference is they’re not playing covers and they play a lot better than that guy. Forget the title and listen to the music. You can visit Girls of the Gravitron by going to www.myspace.com/girlsofthegravitron