And the award for most ridiculous band name goes to…Hunx And His Punx! If you thought the name was weird enough, the guy that makes the music lives up to his side of the bargain too but thankfully it’s good. Hunx And His Punx was constructed by Seth Bogart, who you may know from Gravy Train!!!, or from the ‘adult’ version of the ‘Lust For Life’ video.
 Hunx And His Punx MP3: Hunx And His Punx - You Don't Like Rock‘n’Roll
Hunx And His Punx and Gracy Train!!! both share a similar pop core but the former swaps the blips for vintage guitars, resulting in a Marty McFly style rock attack; minus the mad solo of course. In fact, they sound a lot like the ‘Lust For Life’ side of Girls, rather than the subdued side. Think Jay Reatard crossed with Grease period John Travolta for a more accurate position. Lyrically he evokes the pop mentality of old with his own special brand of bizarre but that’s what makes it so appealing; it’s not Buddy Holly lite. You can visit Hunx And His Punx by going to