Evening Hymns is the brainchild of songwriter Jonas Bonnetta, who hails from Canada. Much like the great songwriters of our time, Jonas draws influence from his surroundings. The culmination of living in such a beautiful place, and sharing that environment with friends and family, literally pours out of every second of his music.
MP3: Evening Hymns – Dead Deer
The vast majority of music comes from a place of complete isolation though, as a sense of loss and abandonment seeps through. This isn’t to say we’ve got another log cabin Bon Iver on our hands though as ‘Broken Rifle’ soon confirms. Sounding like a call to arms, the song is a perfect example of what he’s capable of live, with a full band backing him all the way. You might feel this a bizarre time to talk about an artist like this considering we’ve just entered the fist bit of good weather of the year and Evening Hymns sound more winter than summer. But as we all know, the nights turn cold, use that opportunity to try Evening Hymns on; it might be the musical jumper you’ve been looking for. You can visit Evening Hymns by going to http://www.myspace.com/eveninghymns