Nathaniel Carroll & The Party Line! is a band structured around the inner workings of Nathaniel Carroll, a guy from Springfield, Missouri. Not many artists will open themselves up as much as Nathaniel did when asked for more information about how he started his career in music but I'm glad he did.
Nathaniel Carroll & The Party Line! MP3: Nathaniel Carroll & The Party Line! - A Lie Worth Living
You've got the classic story of a guy learning the piano from a very young age, culminating in a debut album (A House by the Highway) being born out of a college move and picking up the guitar. The rest of his story isn't straight forward though as the death of his father came about a month after it's release. That, combined with the birth of his son Søren, makes for a pretty extreme story of tragedy and joy. It would be pretty easy for me to claim those two landmarks sum up his music perfectly but that would be selling him short. I think it gives him more of a grounding than most songwriters, rather than resulting in one song being the 'sad' one or another being the 'happy' one. Taking away any sort of background information being sent, what struck me about his music was his voice. He sounds like a more down-to-earth Rufus Wainwright. Not that I know Mr Wainwright but Nathaniel's voice sounds a lot less pompous. He also has a softness to his voice which is impossible to be drawn in by. Listen to the song above or check out his songs on Myspace (particularly 'You'll Make A Killing') and you'll know what I mean. You can visit Nathaniel Carroll & The Party Line! by going to