It's good to re-encounter a band like this. When I was still tolerating the ten random small time bands adding me per day on MySpace several years ago, Little Death stood out slightly more than the others. For a while I actively listened to them and tracked their progress. However, considering they were based in America, limiting their chances to play in London, and the lack of change to their songs, I soon went off them. Years later, having come across their name in the 2010 lineup for the Great Escape and discovering that they've now settled in London, there's no excuse not to pay attention to Little Death.
Photobucket MP3: Little Death – Violent Sea
They master a tremendous 90s hard rock sound, which has been getting them more and more offers to play gigs over here. Time to start following again. If you're attending the Great Escape this year then don't forget to check them out. Listen to their music on