Earlier this year Charlot Webster took part in an interview for Company, with the end results being less than flattering. Not only did they get her date-of-birth completely wrong but they printed this rather amusing quote... "I sing because I enjoy it, but ultimately I do it to get noticed" A glossy magazine making up quotes and generally getting someone's music/personality completely wrong? Nice to see things haven't changed.
Charlot Webster MP3: Charlot Webster - Stay What You Are!
"If I sang to get noticed, I wouldn't be singing this shit" was Charlot's response. You're probably expecting me to back her up at this point but I won't. The truth of the matter is that her music is far from being shit and certainly not 'outsider' music. Charlot makes the sort of bitter sweet folk music that has exploded over the last year in this country, so you could suggest that Company have got her right. You might suggest that she's purposely set out to jump on the folk bandwagon but why would you really want to side with Company magazine? Of course not. She's been playing her music for a very long time now, so bandwagons are not the issue. If you listen to her music you'll notice the main difference between her and the latest wave of folk music; she's actually got the talent. Her voice is honest and is as beautiful as the music that accompanies it. She also named a song after a Saves The Day record and has a Get Up Kids song title as a quote on her Myspace page. That should be enough to persuade you to check her out. Don't take my word for it, and certainly don't take the aforementioned magazines word for it, just download the song above and enjoy. Actually, scrap that. Do take my word for it. She's great.