Featuring members of Annuals and Lonnie Walker, NAPS/a> would seem like a pretty healthy choice for the indie-rock world. Combinations like this are often an easy way to gain a quick fan-base, leaning on the success of the 'day job', but thankfully these guys aren't going to make the transition simple.
NAPS MP3: NAPS - Good Times Are Killing Me
It's the perfect middle-ground to the aforementioned bands but still not a comfortable mix for fans of either band. It's pretty subtle in it's attack but effective nonetheless. Songs like 'Blast' are a perfect example of a band with the ability to put together a pop song disguised as something completely different. A steady beat pulsates in the background, like an angry neighbour at your door, whilst the bass spins around you, resulting in a song full to the brim with layers. This contrasts beautifully with 'Good Times Are Killing Me', which is more of a straight-ahead indie song, but unmistakeably beautiful, especially the fuzzy lead guitar. Raleigh, North Carolina - add another great band to your list. You can visit NAPS by going to www.myspace.com/nnaappss