One could say they're lucky, the Deltas. 'Just' one debut album behind them (Dancing to Architecture, released in 2006) and they've already played alongside of well-established and legendary groups such as Smashing Pumpkins and Dredg - who also happen to be two of their favorite bands. An amazing experience for a quartet from Austria. But maybe luck has nothing to do with it. Their energetic alt-rock is a crowd-pleaser - it's catchy but retains its originality, with earth-shaking guitars and bass, drums close to perfection, and a particular voice, hovering between post-rock instrumentals, loud assonances and melodic choruses.

mp3: Of Hurricanes and Other Windy Days

After a couple of years in the studio and a few rare concerts, Across the Delta are ready to release their second album end of may - and as a teaser they've put a free EP, Unit Exploded, up for download, together with a poetic and beautiful video. Let's see if Passports&Souvenirs will stand the test of time just as Dancing to Architecture did.