The Black Drumset is the brainchild of one Brian Willey, Austin TX, whose debut, self-released self-titled album is a ponderous, semi-drone monster of wonderfully varied textures and expertly crafted soundscapes.  Short Steep Curve  by  theblackdrumset  As you can hear it’s pretty dense, awesome stuff. Brian has this to say on the band’s progress in a nutshell; ”The album just came out a few months ago and we are focusing on getting the word out about it! Until recently, the band was just me. I wrote and recorded the album myself during 2008 and early '09. I now have a full band put together [Carlos Orozco, Aaron Perez and Sean Ziegler) with two fantastic drummers. We released the album independently at the end of the summer and we have so far gotten some great reviews in the US and UK, and a fair amount of college radio play here in the U.S., so we are really just trying to build momentum at this point. We'll be working on videos fairly soon as well.”  3 and a 33rd  by  theblackdrumset  You should totally buy the album, it’s a seriously assured debut that makes lo-fi from-the-drums-up tunes actually border on accessible without sacrificing the mesmeric tribal rhythms and visceral timbres. Most definitely one to hear; let’s just hope that Brian and co. make the short hop across the pond so that we can make good on our own assertion that they’re also ones to watch. What say you on this? Sound off in our Fourum!