Today‘s Introducing comes from Norwich for a change. They might be only taking their first tentative steps but Takeda’s lead singer has a voice that’s peculiar, at times too much but at most others endearing and beguiling. And of course there is the obligatory female accompaniment, notching the harmonies that every folk-some should have. So they’ve got the right ingredients, it’s now up to them to cook it properly. The Norwich three-piece are making quick work of the Norwich scene, soon to be supporting The Miserable Rich with a slot with Jesca Hoop - who can name Tom Waits as part of her fan club - already notched up. Their debut EP is out this summer, and it will be a pretty small affair. The song you’re now downloading is their taster, imagine The Dodo’s almost asleep and you’re someway there. MP3: Takeda - A Million Years