Photos of Photos is the solo project of American illustrator Mike Willcox, who hails from America. Before I tell you why I love his work, here are some video's for you to check out. What you'll notice straight away when visiting his online home is the imagery he puts across, which I guess would be his artistic side fighting its way to the foreground. Not that it should matter when talking about someone's music but It adds to the overall story he puts across in his music. Musically he's plucked folk/visual from the Myspace pot and it works. The first video shows his penchant for sound tracking moments through the use of his voice and guitar and that's where his strengths lie. It's vintage folk, with more of a dreamy quality to it than that of British folk. Think Wavves doing folk rather than Johnny Flynn. Anyway, download the song below and see for yourself.
Photobucket MP3: Photos of Photos - Come Undone
You can visit Photos of Photos by going to