Juniper Leaf make the process of dealing with lots of bands/music bearable, for they're happy to keep us on our feet. Before I carry on though, download the song below.
Juniper Leaf MP3: Juniper Leaf - Voting With Your Feet
If you, like me, are listening to the track above, you'll probably be soaking wet from the shower of 70's driven rock and trad-folk falling upon you. This isn't the best example of what this four-piece band from London tends to do. The majority of their debut album, Broom, Briars, Torches From The Fire, lies within a very traditional British sounding folk setting, with the underlying dreaminess being a nod to Pink Floyd. What they've managed to do with their debut is to add a new dimension to the flourishing folk scene in this country. Rather than sounding like Johnny Flynn/Laura Marling/Mumford & Sons etc, these guys (and one girl) are harnessing a much more experimental beast, and I for one am glad. You can visit the band by heading to