Treecreeper are living proof that Americana/alt-country can thrive outside of its native land. Maybe for the sake of their geographical location we should label them as 'Englicano', for they have a darker quality to their music not suggested in the aforementioned genre tags. They certainly have the laid back quality that would sit nicely on a drive through most west coast states, but instead of the sunshine you'd expect we're subjected to heartache and a touch of distortion. This is perfectly summed up in 'November 23rd', which is available to download below.
Treecreeper MP3: Treecreeper - November 23rd
Their latest album Juniper (which is out next week), is a perfect continuation from their debut long player Grain. It's a solid collection of songs more than likely to have you staring out of a few windows in contemplation. I could keep going on about the various genres they've been bundled into, but you just have to forget about that and just enjoy what they do, which is just god-damn honest music. They're not trying to be anyone else and that's what comes through the most. You can visit Treecreeper by heading over to