Uno Møller Ch, lead singer of Wintermare and one half of screamo project Twin Pines Mall, started his 2009 by working solo and self-releasing a (limited edition) collection of songs in three parts, distributed for free around Europe and promoted through a few live gigs with an ever-changing band comprising mostly friends. If there has to be a thread throughout all of his work; well that would have to be 'with feeling'. His music comes from the depths of Norwegian woods (yes, like the Murakami novel) in a region called Hedmark, full of lakes and nearing -15C in the winter. When I first heard it, I imagined myself there, under falling snow, listening to the voices of ghosts. His songs take a minimalistic approach to folk; they are fragile like eggshells and inspired by things as diverse as stuffed penguins, space, and weird dreams. Simple melodies tangling an acoustic guitar and soft-spoken lyrics about love and loss, best enjoyed on lonely walks and winter days.
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