When I asked Aged Yummy if they could send us over a song for a 405 feature, they were so pleased that they sent us two. Coincidently, they sent my two favourite tracks from their debut album Pacific Reactions which you can download for free (here). Aged Yummy are currently living in Huddersfield and their vocals are almost undistinguishable when compared to fellow neighbours, Disconcerts. However, the catchy riffs and upbeat, unpredictable melodies stray away from Disconcerts darker sounds. ‘Duck & Cover, There’s a Hidden Love’ is undeniably one of the highlights of the album. With sharp pop riffs that could have been compiled by Good Shoes and a vocal melody that is bound to resonate around your head for days, this song concludes the reason as to why Aged Yummy deserve to be signed. The most evident music technique that Aged Yummy use, whether it’s on purpose or not, is their use of unpredictable beats and bars. Whilst listening to the chorus of ‘The Problems Are Not Here’, you will discover that on the 4th bar there are 6 beats instead of the standard 4. This technique prevents Aged Yummy’s music becoming tedious no matter how many times you listen to them and believe me, once you have listened, you won’t want to stop. MP3: Aged Yummy - Duck & Cover, There’s a Hidden Love MP3: Aged Yummy - Missing Persons http://www.myspace.com/agedyummy