Gray Goods are a band from Brooklyn, which is evident when compared to the likes of other Brooklyn based acts such as Browns and Beach Fossils. The lead singer, Ryan Brown’s voice is almost undistinguishable to the soft pack’s slurred vocals. However, the strung-out words contradict the upbeat melodies, portraying two sides of the duo’s musical minds. My personal favourite on their EP is ‘Fallen’. Commencing with a perfect array of chords, soon to be accompanied by the hazy yet meaningful vocals and completed with a climax that is lead by a short surf-esque solo that makes the song a potential soundtrack to your summer. Nonetheless, featured song ‘Color Divide’ makes me just as excited as the aforementioned ‘Fallen’ does. It kick starts ‘The Singles EP’ with an incredible bass line that is followed by an astonishing mixture of sounds that will escort your eardrums to another planet. It’s times like this that I realise how much I appreciate the music-store-serial-killer Spotify for introducing me to such incredible music. MP3: Gray Goods - Color Divide