Dirty Girls are yet another band to have risen up from the American lo-fi scene along with better-known bands such as Real Estate and Women. They are made up of four men and come from Atlanta. Their music, inevitably, consists of simple drum beats; riffs that could have easily been influenced by The Beach Boys and plenty of reverb on the vocals. So much in fact that the vocals are almost undistinguishable- everything that makes a brilliant lo-fi band. I asked Dirty Girls what they used to record their song ‘Heavy Favorite’. This is the answer I received, and is the paragraph that quite simply sums up their music. “Well we recorded it with our friend Chris Brooker with two microphones, converted that recording to VHS, did the vocals onto cassettes that we buried in our backyard for three days and then mixed it into a simple digital program so we could mix it out to a CD. At the same time we also listened to a lot of Fleetwood Mac and Disney’s haunted house records while we waited and prayed for the cassettes to be revived intact from the dirt. We also got really high.” Read that whilst listening to your free downloaded track and you will be able to understand the mechanics of Dirty Girls drug-influenced minds. MP3: Dirty Girls - Heavy Favorite http://dirtygirls.bandcamp.com/