I have searched high and low for a good English unsigned band. I have ventured through hundreds of band MySpace pages, flicked through endless magazine and newspaper pages and asked plenty of music obsessed friends to recommend some English bands. Yet I have found none. America has somewhat captured all worthwhile music, or perhaps I am just looking in all the wrong places. Consequently, this Introducing feature is about yet another incredible American band. When I first stumbled upon Cloud Nothings, their music instantly reminded me of Wavves. Then I discovered their lead singer, Dylan Baldi, records alone yet has his three fellow band members to accompany him on stage- much like Wavves’ front man, Nathan Williams, however it seems Dylan lacks the arrogance and cockiness that Nathan so strongly portrays. ‘Even if it worked out’ is the b side from Cloud Nothings’ 7” ‘Didn’t You’. The riffs are short and repetitive but so god-damn catchy, especially as the song approaches the memorable chorus that will no-doubt be in your head for days. Cloud Nothings are soon to release a split CD along with Kevin Greenspon of whom contradicts their grunge with psychedelic, instrumental sounds. Nonetheless, Kevin’s brilliant noise is well worth checking out too (http://www.myspace.com/kevingreenspon ). MP3: Cloud Nothings - http://www.myspace.com/cloudnothings