Today we head to Silver Lake in California to present the rather brilliant Pepper Rabbit. If you head to their Myspace page you’ll find two songs, ‘Red Wine’ and ‘Older Brother’ and rather magically we can offer you both of those songs to download. I know, I know. We’re too good to you. ‘Red Wine’ definitely requires more attention than ‘Older Brother’. It’s a swirly dream-like song which has a real classic feel to it, especially with the piano at the helm. I can imagine a crowd of 20’000 people swaying a long to this song as fireworks drift into the night sky, whilst the song effortlessly builds and builds and builds. ‘Older Brother’ on the other hand is slightly more straight forward in it’s construction but ultimately just as appealing. It’s the sort of pop music Zach Condon often conjures up (’Postcards from Italy‘), minus the trumpets and fan fare. Both songs have something for you to enjoy, so have a listen to both and hopefully you’ll love them as much as I do. MP3: Pepper Rabbit - Red Wine MP3: Pepper Rabbit - Older Brother