From Serge Gainsbourg to Brian Eno, this movie soundtrack playlist from Burning Peacocks (Alma Jodorowsky and David Baudart) is an essential listen.

The duo's self-titled debut EP is out on March 9th via Night Beach Records. Head here to watch the video for 'Games'.


  • 'Kokomo' by The Beach Boys / Cocktail
  • It was the Beach Boys' first hit since 'Good Vibrations' in 1966.

  • 'Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime' by Beck / Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  • Perfect song ​for ​spend​ing​ rainy Sunday​s​ ​in ​bed.

  • 'Requiem pour un Con' by Serge Gainsbourg / Le Pacha
  • I think Gainsbourg's soundtracks are always better than ​his ​movies...

  • 'Deep Blue Day' by Brian Eno / Trainspotting
  • Ok, now you know that you can ​swim​ in ​a​ toilet​!​

  • 'Seven Stars' by Air / Le Voyage Dans La Lune
  • This is one of my ​favourite​ ​artist ​collaboration​s​: Victoria Legrand from Beach House and Air.


  • 'Blind' by Frustration / La Guerre est déclarée
  • It fits perfectly the positively enraged energy of the movie.

  • 'Tonight' by Leonard Berstein / West Side Story
  • I'm a big fan of musicals and West Side Story is one of my favourites. When I hear this song I want to cry and jump for joy at the same time​.​

  • 'The Sound of Silence' by Simon and Garfunkel / The Graduate
  • The whole soundtrack they made for this movie is wonderful! It's not just a soundtrack: ​the song ​almost developed its own ​character.

  • 'Gut feeling' by Devo / The Life Aquatic
  • Devo and Wes Anderson's stratospheres work so well together...

  • 'Yumeji's theme' by Shigeru Umebayashi / In The Mood For Love
  • I only want to cry​ when I hear this song.​