It appears that COOPER, aka Kate Cooper, doesn't enjoy taking time off. Deciding that she needed a break from An Horse, her guitar-driven two-piece, Cooper quickly found herself penning new material, despite craving a breather. "I realised that I didn't need a break from music, I just needed to reset and work more autonomously. In my 18 or so months off the road, I had written more songs than any point in my life thus far. I am very bad at sitting still." Evidently.

Under her new guise, Cooper has revealed 'Flood' and, more recently, 'Heaviest Of Weights', two tracks that fizz with bubblegum pop sentiment and contrast heavily with her previous material, fiercely laden with synths. Don't, however, ask her where the inspiration for her new direction has simmered from. "That's such a big question!" she protests, as I delve into who, or what, has influenced her most recently. "I love so many bands and artists but too many to list here. I can, however, see where my friends and family have influenced or inspired me. That's much easier to see! I will say that I love and admire Carole King. Her career is still amazing. And nearly everyone who has heard Tapestry has been influenced by it".

Despite scoffing at the notion of her being 'musical', Cooper became associated with the organ, ("not piano, it was the '80s"), at a young age thanks to some prompting from her record collecting parents. "I started playing guitar at 16 and, for the most part, I taught myself," she admits. "My parents were into the organ, not the guitar. In high school, they were more into me focusing on school work so, I had to sneak playing the guitar when I was meant to be studying."

If they attempted to keep their daughter confined to the more traditional elements of musicality, Cooper is grateful to them in other ways. "The most formative influence, musically speaking, was my parent's record collection. I don't come from a musical family and don't really consider myself that musical, but I do come from a record playing family."

As well as her immediate family, Kate Cooper owes much to Sara Quin, of Tegan & Sara fame, described as both a great friend and a keen champion of her work, Michael Goldstone too. "Sara and Michael have been so supportive of me and the music I make. They work together to tell me to write better songs and to work harder." Cooper singles out Quin for glowing praise. "Sara has been a huge help professionally and personally. She knows how to write a hit and she knows what to say to push me to write better songs. She has been instrumental to this new record every step of the way I am really lucky to have someone like her pushing me forward."

With a pair of highly promising tracks under her belt and a sturdy network of support in tow, it looks like it could be an encouraging year for COOPER. "I think you can expect a lot," she beams, optimistically. "I have an LP for the most part complete. How and when it sees the light of day, I am not so sure." Sooner rather than later, we hope.

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