Nestled somewhere deep in the Midlands (like Worcester or something?) is ambient auteur in-the-making, Dials. Raised on a diet of BATHS, Aphex Twin, Pavement, Four Tet and Captain Beefheart, Dials – real name Harry Young – also namechecks the weather, especially rain, as a vital inspiration for his sound.

Those meteorological influences can be easily heard in efforts like 'Move'. The rhythmic pitter-patter of percussion imitates the metronomic beat of raindrops sliding off the skyling; a faint crackling drone mimics Britain's grey aura. There's steel pan synths, perfectly skewed/haunting vocal sample. In other slivers of electro-ambience, like 'I Am Nowhere', which actually yoinks the sounds of a thunderstorm, Young lends his own vocals to the mix. Here, when his heartache pipes are spliced with emotive synth wizardry, early East India Youth shines through.

Recently, 'Mended' has hit his Soundcloud account. It also features his vocals, quivering, as well as the possessed tongues of hack'n'slash samples. It conjures thoughts of chilled-out post-rock such as God Is An Astronaut, the innovative electronica of Samaris, or an electronic second-cousin of Sigur Rós – soundscapes are here in abundance. It's a gorgeous smorgasbord of aural delights and emotive tidbits that will tug strongly at the goo in your ribcage and linger in your grey matter like a bitter goodbye.

He's also dropped a mangling of Demi Lovato's 'Skyscraper' recently, morphing it from an insipid Disney-fied ballad into a morose geyser, welding together neo-house and Lovato's innate R&B tone. Replete with pitch-shifted harmonies, clickety-clack salvos and earthquake bass, it recalls pop-rending produceral mages like Shlohmo and Ryan Hemsworth in its slickness. It's all breaths, gasps and torrents of tearjerk electronica.

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