The process is simple: someone within the industry is paid to promote an artist, and they'll do this by emailing a bunch of sites like ours, hoping that someone picks it up. If nobody does, a follow-up email is sent the following day. The circle of life. The thing is, the majority of the music we're sent is terrible. Hell, most music that's being made as you read this indulgent paragraph is terrible - that's just the way it is. However, every so often we're sent something that makes us remember why sites like this exist.

Kadhja Bonet's debut mini-album, The Visitor, fits the bill.

To find out more about Kadhja and the aforementioned mini-album, we sent her a bunch of questions (some silly, some serious). Check out her thoughtful answers below, along with a stream of The Visitor courtesy of the Hype Machine.

Talk us through your mini album...

The first 6 songs are the original EP tracks. After descending and being born to the earth for the first time, we will shrink to the size of a humble-bee in order to examine the world at that size. We will say goodbye to close friends, we will get a dark visit from our true selves, we will give thanks to the women who taught us love, and question the decisions that pushed loved ones away.

The remaining tracks are one of my very first writings and ponderings on a complex kind of love, and a version of one of my favourite Brazilian ponderings.

Where do you find inspiration?

Sometimes I'm inspired, sometimes I'm not. To be perfectly honest it seems chemically seasonal - hormonal. In some seasons I see inspiration everywhere. In some seasons I couldn't find inspiration if she slapped me across the face.

What risk would you take if you knew you could not fail?

I would move away to a cabin in the woods by myself. I would relish in my true hermit nature, if I knew for certain I didn't need the city and its connections and conveniences to get by. But I think musically I take the risks I want to take. Really it doesn't feel risky to do what I want at all - it all depends on what your goal is. If your goal is making pop hits, then yes, some directions are riskier than others. I wouldn't make an album using only sampled Zoo sounds, for example, if I wanted to only make pop hits. But my goal is much simpler than that. It's just to examine myself - a narcissistic endeavor to say the least.

When was the last time you tried something new?

One thing about me is I can be practical to an irrational level. I always know how many things can go wrong in any scenario, and try to reduce my chances of being injured or killed. That's why recently, in my travels, I surprised myself by jumping off a few bridges into moving currents...

What are you currently working on?

I am working on a few too many things at once. Typically I prefer to take on one project at a time, one song at a time. For some unknown reason, I am dabbing into a dozen songs at once, which is really silly. Productivity wise. But mostly I'm working on my first full-length album.

What's the most challenging thing you've ever created?

A college degree. I hated college. I hate being told what to learn and how to learn it. It's the worst soul-sucking exercise. At least if you're trying to do art. If you're trying to be a mechanic I imagine that schooling probably all feels pretty essential. But let's be real there are no rules to art, and being fed other peoples' opinions all day every day is exhausting.

Which of your talents do you think people overlook?

I don't know - I think it's easiest for people to assume I just show up and sing, and seeing as I am not as confident in singing as I am in writing or production, it's minimizing. Every time I play a show, people come up and shake the guitar or bass players hand, any male they can find from the stage and say "thanks for writing the music", or "you must be the man behind the sound" or whatever else. It has happened at exactly every show I have ever played. So I guess passive listeners overlook me, in general. The writing, the sound, the vibe. I always just smile idly and invisibly in front of my own music.

If you only had one year to live, how would you spend that time?

I would move to a cabin and write songs and doodle, hike and meditate, get a bunch of loving animals, swim in lakes and eat great fresh food. I'd cook and cuddle, and release all my music the night before I passed.

What's the worst thing you've ever seen on Netflix?

*Insert any comedians name here*'s stand up routine. Every once in a while I hear about some buzzy comedian and I'm like hey i wonder if they can make me laugh; I like laughing - but no, no they can't. People say the most idiotic things with the excuse of comedy. No substance, all shock value, boring.

Lastly, what is love?

Well I am no authority. But my definition is a state of awe and gratitude. Reveling in miracles. If I love you it's because you remind me of the magic of the universe. And I am love because I am the magic of the universe. We inspire each other with our very existence. In this state of awe and gratitude, you will find yourself more generous, more forgiving, more encouraging. I think that's why toddlers are so vibrant. The world hasn't yet faded in their eyes. It's all still magical, new miracles. They are agents of love.

Kadhja Bonet's The Visitor is out on October 21st via Fat Possum.