I'm not much of a new music cognoscenti but Lactose gives me that feeling in my crotch that I can't ignore. The feeling that makes you say, 'Hey, these guys are pretty fucking special, TAKE NOTICE."

Shoegaze pulled a Jesus last year and rose from the dead, opening the floodgates to a sea of my bloody valentine wannabes. However, this Brighton foursome stands out from the mediocre crowd with some pretty catchy tracks. My personal favourite 'Water the Jungle' features sweet as pie vocals from bassist Jade Taffee and lead singer and guitarist David Pentecost who creates the perfect juxtaposition with his distorted gruffness. If music was Chinese food, this song would be sweet and sour chicken, the perfect amalgamation of dreamy and brash.

Having already played a few live shows around Brighton, these guys are set to create a tsunami of hype at the seaside that hopefully engulfs us all but until then, do yourselves a favour and open your ears to Lactose.