At first glance, Magic Island, aka Emma Czerny, appears to be something of an enigma. "I kind of live my life in a fantasy land about unicorns and sparkles," she beams, having uprooted from her Canadian homeland and sought the refuge of inner Berlin, the current location for her self-confessed imaginary universe.

"My 'guise' definitely had to be something magical,: Czerny states, and we'd tend to agree. "I also call the mattress on my floor 'the island' so Magic Island was kind of a pseudonym [for me] of sexy time in the bed. Then I moved into a new flat in the ghettos of Berlin and the sketchy bar beside my building is called Zauber Insel, which translates into Magic Island, so I figured that me and this name were meant to be together." It's a fitting title for an artist, whose musical output certainly oozes a mystical, captivating quality.

You see, Magic Island's effortless blend of intricate synths and brutally intimate lyrics bleed a plethora of influences, namely "the spirit of Kate Bush, the raw honesty of Sean Nicholas Savage, who is also a dear friend, and the uninhibited weirdness of Klaus Nomi." Coupled with "being confused about love and relationships, partying like wild children and fantasy creatures," this diverse melting pot has yielded, firstly, the Intoxicated Sunset EP, an unpredictable clutch of songs that lurch from curiously danceable to gently obscure, and Wasted Dawn, a fresh EP being readied for release, despite not even being finished yet. "I thought the tracks would be a bit darker than Intoxicated Sunset," she ponders. "Even when I write angsty lyrics, I somehow match them with a baby-cute melody underneath." It is this effortless juxtaposition that makes her material so addictive.

Another aspect of Magic Island's winning formula is the striking honesty with which she writes. "They're always going to be autobiographical completely, so pretty much every line or whatever comes out of my head because it exists there. I want to be honest. I mean what the fuck else am I going to make songs about?"

Upon mentioning her new single, the wistful, sugary stroll of 'Baby Blu', she stumbles over her words. "'Baby Blu', yes...particularly personal, agh, but lets not get into those details... it's really about love confusion, I'd say. And I was happy with how this contrast worked out in the song, I felt there was a nice balance of flirtation and sadness."

After shrugging off any unwanted pressure and confessing "imma just do my thing," it seems fitting that, similar to her recorded output, nothing is certain in Magic Island's universe. "Wasted Dawn isn't even finished yet," Emma Czerny admits, "I'm waiting to find out just like everyone else." We wouldn't have it any other way.

You can visit Magic Island by heading here.