It would be easy, and somewhat forgivable, to dismiss Misun as shiny, predictable pop fodder. Initially branded as "twinkle pop" by their own admission, disregard them at your peril, as these DC natives boast a wealth of complexities lurking below the shimmering surface of their numerous singles.

At first glance, of course, Misun craft sugary rushes of pop euphoria, but there has been a noticeable, playful progression since the birth of their debut EP. 'My Time', written over a year ago, is a squelchy and wistful snapshot, whereas 'Travel With Me', part of a recent EP, is a tightly explosive slice of ecstasy, neatly assembled and bedding its roots far deeper within dance music. "We've naturally developed a lot since our first EP, but it wasn't necessarily conscious," Nacey, the band's guitarist and producer, ponders. "Honestly, a lot of that was letting go of our concerns and just making the music that we wanted to make."

While it is fiercely apparent that the band keep a tight grasp on their creative output, they appear to be handling the pressure of maintaining that alarmingly high standard admirably. They are extremely ambitious, honest about it too, which is rare, albeit refreshing, for a band to admit. "We always want to push our limits and create better music," Nacey admits. If the thrill of penning new material remains intact, there is no reason why those aims can't be accomplished. "We get excited every time we put up a track and we're fortunate to have reached our fans so organically."

Despite brimming with that brutal ambition, the band were, in fact, birthed from humble beginnings. Having formed a close bond whilst overlapping shifts at the Science Club, a local bar in DC, Nacey crossed paths with Misun, waiting tables at the time, while occasionally DJ'ing with Will. Jon followed later, snatched from the band they were actually opening for and completing Misun's lineup.

As you would expect, the band boast a plethora of influences, impressively diverse and steeped in intrigue. "We're children of the '90s so we grew up listening to grunge, hip-hop and pop," Nacey asserts, somewhat inevitably. Despite sharing a mutual affliction for "dreamy stuff, country western vibes" and pointing out a heavy debt to dance music, the band don't tend to agree on everything. Crucially, a potential hitch has been embraced as a positive. "We'll argue often over what to play in the car. We have a lot of differences but we're constantly showing each other new things to expand each other's musical horizons." It certainly appears to be working.

Although talk of an LP is a little premature, Misun have their sights set firmly on the present. "We've been enjoying the momentum from just releasing songs for download on SoundCloud, but we're excited to release our next single as a limited edition vinyl via B3SCI Records." With a fistful of tracks under their belt and a venomous refusal to be defined by one restrictive genre, there aren't many bands as wonderfully unpredictable as Misun from across the pond. Buckle up.

You can visit the band over at Facebook.