A girl sporting hushed vocals over subtle pickings of guitar, you say? At first glance, I can freely admit, Ofelia (aka Marie Moreshead) appears to sound a little too recognisable, the resounding echoes of familiarity rearing their ugly head. Dismiss her at your peril. The fact is, Marie has adopted a popular approach - and smashed its contents to a bloody pulp.

You may have unwittingly overheard a snippet of Moreshead's material previously, recorded under the mysterious guise of wanderhouse, a collaboration between her and producer/manager Doctor Rosen Rosen. "The music is moody, dark, sexy and the songs have a deliberate sparseness to them like a lot of 90s songs we both love."

Marie is not thrilled at being restricted, however: "I'm always itching to do more writing and recording, so my solo project will be an outlet where I can just sort of have fun and be open to doing various co-writing and collaboration opportunities." Branching out saw her, initially, penning and crooning over an EDM track alongside Felix Cartal, before releasing 'Hawk Fly Tiger Run', her debut offering as Ofelia and a self-confessed "folk pop tune". It's a stark departure from her work with wanderhouse, over three minutes of audio frothing with twanging guitar licks, sugary handclaps and a preposterously captivating chorus. "I like the freedom of being able to cross genres and not feeling tied to any one format," Moreshead declares, and 'Hawk Fly Tiger Run' is certainly that; a delicious mishmash of country, folk and off-kilter pop that crescendos unlike anything we have heard all year.

Ofelia's disjointed approach may be attributed to her fairly unique living conditions. In a tiny cabin in Topanga Canyon, she fills her head with the fragile hum of Bright Eyes, Joanna Newsom and Modest Mouse, even the shimmering sentiments of Robyn, detached from nearby LA by lack of phone signal and patchy internet connection. "Not sure how much it contributes to my songwriting process," she muses, "But I will say living in nature has kept me from going too nuts in LA. I go into the city for meetings and writing/recording sessions, and then get to go back to my little oasis in the mountains. I like living in a gentle place where I can keep my head clear and balanced."

As for fresh material, well, 2014 sounds especially promising. A new wanderhouse EP is expected to drop in the frosty, opening months of the year, but it's more Ofelia tracks that we're understandably itching to hear. "As for my solo material, I'm continuing to work with other artists to see what unfolds." Despite coining a new guise, it's clear that Marie isn't ready to ditch her cryptic allure just yet. Unpredictability has never been more exciting.