When his critically-acclaimed band went on hiatus 18 months ago, guitarist Nick Hunt (Outfit) took a well-earned break from music. After a decade and a half of organising his entire existence around whatever project he was involved in, he came up for a few months of air.

Suitably refreshed, Hunt got together with producer and bandmate David Berger for his first solo project under the new persona Reality Goggles; the result is four tracks taking in circuit-bent electronics, loopy garage rock and the gorgeously wistful guitar pop of 'Little Things'. It's more playful than you might expect, albeit with the same brand of otherworldly psychedelia that you find in his guitar work for you-know-who.

Here's the nutso video for 'Go Whistle', created by Simon Jones. The EP Unsee The Cube is available to buy at Reality Goggles' Bandcamp.