Abergavenny-based Saturday’s Kids are most likely the guinea pigs of a secret Government experiment, delaying the births of those who they know will grow up to be aspiring musicians so that, when they reach adulthood, they play music so unlike what you are used to in the current generation that you can’t help but love it. These fresh-faced youngsters - not that you would know without going to a gig what with their attempts at some form of anonymity – make music that both the band and I struggle to define accurately. “We just make it up as we go along” lead-vocalist and guitarist Sion explains to me outside of Cardiff’s Bar YK, the pub which hosts the first date of their UK tour with friends Evariste Galois. “It’s a mix of a shitloads of genres, but predominantly post-punk, hardcore, unintentionally prog and unintentionally grunge. I’ve never listened properly to a prog band but we somehow slowed down and wrote [a few] 7-minute long songs, with synthesizer solos and people in skin-tight lycra.” The sound is indeed ever developing, with newer tracks even seemingly having a blues and garage rock edge, as well as utilising shit loads of guitar distortions and feedback giving them a really dirty feel. One thing that is sure is that they are angry little fuckers – even if they aren’t quite sure what about - and this comes across most prominently at live shows, where Sion somehow manages to play his guitar whilst violently spitting lyrics. “We all go into a sort of spaced out zone for the first 10 minutes after playing, but that is all part of it, the music inspiring movement. It is all part of the thrill and fun being absolutely knackered from playing; it feels better finishing playing and being drenched in sweat”. The group’s DIY ethos is both endearing and effective. Each CD casing is made uniquely, packed with lyrics and hand made goodies. The band even booked their most recent UK tour single-handedly, despite the reservations of their parents. “Where are you gonna stay?’ [the parents ask], and they don’t like that you are staying in people’s houses that we’ve never met” drummer Greenburg explains. Sion also joked of his Mum’s concerns; “they think they’re gonna groom us or something. But, I think, originally we could have done 9 dates, but my mum was not too pleased about that. We’re not missing any school, but for being away for the entire half-term”. In their relatively short time together, Saturday’s Kids have supported noise-rock band Lovvers, as well as playing around the UK. “[The Lovvers gig] is the biggest gig we’ve played in South Wales, but it’s different when you’re playing out”Sion told me. “We’ve played a few shows that have been in Guilford and Southampton and stuff - they’re more exciting because it’s new terrain and no one’s seen us before.” The future, although possibly affected by the potential future departure of guitarist Jordan, (“I might be travelling so I may be leaving”he tells me as his fellow band members stare with a taunting disgust), looks exciting with future releases from the South Wales group planned; “We’re gonna hopefully bring out a 7”, either as a split with some other band or just a seven inch with about three or four songs of ours on it” Sion tells me. And although this release might cost you a few quid (the split with Evariste Galois, found at gigs, is a bargain at £2), you can still download their brilliant 5-track demo EP for free from their MySpace (http://www.myspace.com/thesaturdayskidsuk). Saturday’s Kids have recently embarked on a UK tour, and will be writing a tour diary exclusively for The 405 which you will be able to see in the coming weeks. In the mean time, add Saturday's Kids as a friend and get listening! Photo by Rhydian Ball