Finders keepers losers weepers. Or this at least is the sentiment effused from Spotify's newly launched feature, 'Found them first'. What, pray tell, does this entail? Well, the music streaming service will tell users which artists they (the users) discovered before they were popular and, as a result, which artists they have helped on their way to becoming popular.

This feels like fan service of the highest degree, which is by no means a bad thing, and certainly seems an attempt to reach out to and solidify the Spotify user/fan-base with some fun pats on the back – especially since, on the industry side at least, there is more than a little animosity and suspicion harboured against music streaming in general.

Jackie Jantos, VP of creative and brand strategy at Spotify, commented on the new feature.

"We love creating fresh ways for people to interact with music. This experience is an ode to the fans who truly love discovering new artists. Users are rewarded for listening early on, and earn some bragging rights. Of course, if you haven't discovered any new artists early on, and want to, Spotify can help you with that!"

Specifically, 'Found them first' will tell users whether or not they were in the 1–15% of people who listened to a band before they became properly famous. It will also act as a way of discovering new music, as you'll be sent playlists geared around finding the nextbig thing (see above). I wonder if Spotify can, or will, then pass this information on to A&Rs at labels, tipping them off as to what will be a safe bet with regards to new signings, perhaps as part of a deal to smooth things over between itself and labels. Maybe too conspiratorial? Maybe. But it's not bad to ask questions. Even if nobody answers.