"We were best friends in middle school. We bonded over tight jeans and anarchy." If you're not hooked after that admission, stop reading now. For that exhilarating statement spilled from the mouth's of Justin Renaud and Jordan Lempe, the two scruffy Coloradans that make up Sunboy, a band that we are extremely enthralled by.

"Sunboy formed when we starting smoking marijuana together," Justin recalls. "I can't afford to have internet or TV at my apartment, but Jordan would come over with weed. We'd get really bored and start writing music."

United by a dizzying array of influences, The Flaming Lips, Radiohead, Odd Future, hell, even Blink-182 are lumped in there, to name but a few, the fruit of these somewhat, ahem, languorous sessions have gradually been revealing themselves in recent months; the sultry groove of 'Anxious People' served as a swirling, thrilling introduction, while the twinkling piano keys of 'Aphrodisia' provide a surprisingly understated offering and the vibrant strut of 'Highway Screamin' is a stark contrast, and simply, well, mind-bendingly brilliant.

This clutch of tracks have us at The 405 well and truly swooning. Badly. The duo, however, aren't exactly phased; in fact, incredulously, they're "tickled". "For a while we were starting to get worried that we've been spending too much time by ourselves recording. When you're working on a song and hearing every detail over and over again, you start to lose a sense of what it would sound like to a first time listener. The reaction has been a relief to say the least. We finally have some affirmation that we're doing something right," before adding, rather tantalisingly, "With each release so far, we've been a little more comfortable trusting our instincts."

This lack of abandon, coupled with a refreshingly honest swagger, seems to be paying dividends. "We're inspired by all the bands you think we're inspired by. But we're also confident that we're bringing something new to the table." Much has been made of the sonic debt that they owe to fellow contemporaries such as Tame Impala and Pond, but Justin is defiant in his response. "Everybody knows we'd be lying if we said we're not influenced by Tame Impala, but Sunboy isn't a rip-off band. We try to have our own vibe."

With the resolutely British, autumnal climate beginning to linger, it's easy to yearn for the return of those slightly stickier months. Thanks to Jordan and Justin, Sunboy will be ensuring that summer loiters for a little while longer, enveloping listeners in their very own batch of sun-kissed haze for the foreseeable future. "There's an LP in the works. We've got six more under the hood for you guys."

You can hear more from the band by heading over to their Soundcloud page. We also recommend checking out our New Music Edict for more information.