New York based MC and producer Tom Charles is not the typical hip-hop artist. When he first joined the circuit in 2007 and was still using fake IDs to get in and do open mics that has provoked comparisons to 'B Rabbit,' his style was definitely driven by hip-hop but now he enjoys experimenting with varied styles and genres, including those within hip-hop, which is not hard to notice.

A lot of his production is original, whether done by him or with another musician, and that, he recalls, isn't the technical definition of hip-hop when it was first birthed in New York, "you know, it was all samples of old records etc. So, given my experience and experimentation with different genres, electronic included, I came up with the term 'Space Hop,' which is hip-hop vibes with electric feels and synthesizer-enhanced, psychedelic sounds and/or lyrics. But I haven't told many people that because it's a secret."

Enthralled by the cosmos and the fact that all humans are crazy advanced intelligent bacteria, Charles, who grew up in Philadelphia and can play with synthesizers for hours, says he loves "altering cognition and perception." He even sings of Martians landing on planets in the song 'The Martians' off an 8-track project called 'A Week in Cali,' literally recorded over a week in California. "I wrote poetry forever and turned it into music," he says, whose lyrics can be both introspective and metaphorical, touching on life experiences and crucial societal issues like immigration and racism, questioning the freedom and equality claimed by the American nation, and embracing individuality while expressing love for all.

Screwed over by a label that promised many things but didn't allow him to release his work, Charles says it was "just a lesson along the road, which further encouraged and inspired [him] to keep being independent as long as [he] can." Currently, he's honing his EP, which he's also considering calling Space Hop, but he has been self-releasing material continually in between writing and playing shows. Some he also recorded on an album with a French label from which the single, 'March of the Degenerates,' was number 6 on, making it to their 'Top Ten Tracks You Must Hear'-- "they also selected it to put in a compilation that's all electronic music so I had the only hip-hop song, which was pretty cool," he says.

Another recent single he released is 'Finer Things,' his first production, and he's already preparing to shoot a short film for another song, 'This isn't over,' for which he also has a kickstarter going on if you'd love to help. The film will feature two future primitive societies-- "Most Humans have left earth. Some have returned. Some are not human at all."

"I'm working on songs and releasing the ones that I love but don't really fit with my main project as singles. I worked on 'This Isn't Over' for a very long time and it's a very different electronic feel," says Charles, "it's in it's own category and that is why I want to make a no-dialogue short film for it. It's an artwork in the aspect of song and film and they will mesh together for one final product."

Check out some of his music below.