What inspires you? "Everything, It all sits somewhere and waits to get called up." A magical answer from Vance Joy, conjuring a Shaman-like visual.

While he's yet to release his debut single or EP in the UK, Vance Joy is a name to keep in your minds. Having clocked up 11 weeks at number 1 in this native Austrailia, with the breezy 'Riptide', Vance Joy obviously has his homeland under his acoustic spell. His God Loves You When You're Dancing EP isn't released over here until 25th November, so it's time to get acquainted with James Keogh. He took the name Vance Joy from a character in Peter Carey's dark novel, 'Bliss'. "When I decided I wanted to release music that was the name that came back to me to release under," he said.

Vance Joy's music is wistful and warming, just like other singer-songwriters in his trade. But it crosses over with some fun aspects to the EP, like in 'Snaggletooth' where he sings about loving someone's pigeon toes and snaggletooth as he sees it, "poking when you laugh." 'Riptide' sees him mentions some of life's greatest fears like the dentist, the dark, pretty girls and starting conversations, while Michelle Pfeiffer also gets a namecheck. The delicate plucks on 'Emmylou' paired with his vocal rouse an emotional uprising. He started dabbling in music from an early age, learning piano in primary school and picked up the guitar as a teenager, as many do. "I loved the mission impossible theme and also Scarborough fair, so would play those all the time," he reveals. "For the EP, I had picked up a Ukelele in a music shop and liked the sound of it, so ended up using it on a few of the tracks." His Melbourne hometown has a musically rich history, with the likes of The Temper Trap, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and of course, Kylie all hailing from there.

After completing a law degree, he made the decision to dive headfirst into music. "I don't think I had a choice, it was a deep seated intuition. I had always written music, some was good, some wasn't so good. Studying & continuing to write was easy enough. They went hand in hand. Once I had completed the degree, it was either start working in a firm or choose something else." With 3 sold-out UK shows last month, Vance Joy is starting to get a grip over the UK. According to him, the audience in Manchester knew every lyric to all the songs off the EP already, impressive. His show at The Shacklewell Arms - one of two London gigs - mapped out a similar situation. Soon, he heads out to the U.S. to start work on his debut album with The Lumineers producer, Ryan Hadlock. "I am excited and nervous .There's good coffee there and a bed for three weeks straight and a good producer so it will be a good one I think. Looking forward to hearing what we get from the session." So are we Vance Joy.

Listen to 'Riptide' below. 'God Loves You When You're Dancing' is out on 25th November on Infectious Music.