What is love? The eternal riddle that even Haddaway couldn’t solve to isn’t any closer to a solution, but that might just be because it doesn’t have an answer. It has answers. When speaking about this mightiest of emotions, Iowa experimental pop artist Dom Rabalais (otherwise known as Real Dom) finds the transformative power to be the most fascinating aspect:

“Every time we fall in love we are born anew and we are exactly the same?! The same feeling of love, but what it feels like to be in this love is always new, always different. The context is different, we are a different person, carrying different histories into it, transformed by those histories.”

And transformation is the crux of the wondrous video for his dynamic song ‘Maybe Maybe’. With the help of a cheap face swap app, Rabalais layers images of his face unto itself to create images that are too familiar to be frightening but too disconcerting to be comforting, in a process he dubs “inverse abjection.” It’s the perfect complement for his song, which has the histrionic power of classic synthpop and the energy of chiptune. The title is the only part of this song/video that appears the least bit unsure.

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