Since making and sharing music has become easier than ever, there has become a whole laundry list of musicians dubbing themselves to be "bedroom" whatever. Usually its lo-fi guitar pop or punk, something that can sound a little messy. But Katie Laffan has taken the "bedroom" genre world into relatively unchartered territory with 'Tastemaker' her own little slice of bedroom funk.

Slick and well-crafted, 'Tastemaker' features a terrific shuffling beat, a jittery Niles Rodgers-esque guitar line and Laffan's own sultry vocals, all of which fuse together to create a pulsating, rich disco track. When Laffan sings, "Just let us fools fall in love," you can almost hear the disco ball spinning overhead.

“To succeed in music as an artist and most things in life, without being crazy popular, having loads of money or the contacts to do so, is hard," says Laffan. "Just having the 'fuck it' attitude as a way of life is what gets me through and the love for what I'm doing. It'​s about people like that, people like me and my grandad in the music video, for the song. What comes with that is people spotting your love and/or venerability and taking advantage. It's really cliche but this song is a reminder of that for me."

"I also really like making disco songs!” she added.

Keep your eyes open for more from Katie Laffan. If 'Tastemaker' is an indication, she has some bonafide hits coming down the pike. Speaking of 'Tastemaker,' stream the track below.