Mozart was well young when he started composing music. His dad was also a composer. Surely that's where he got it from? You'd think so, wouldn't you?

Anyway, Aphex Twin's 6-year-old son has allegedly been making music, like a real child prodigy, with the producer dad himself stumped as to where this talent came from.

He shared this info via a very recent interview on music blog, noyzelab. "He was 5 when he did most of it n all!" he says. "+I never showed him a thing, he worked it all out himself, mind boggling, 5!" Well if it is true, then it's pretty amazing. The tracks are weird (listen below), but, come on, he's 6.

You can choose to be cynical or to suspend your disbelief for this, but either way, this is what Mr. Twin has said. You can't, or at least, shouldn't discount someone straight away just because they say something mad.

"I love music by people who dont know wtf they are doing...its the best," he explains, continuing. "Doesn't mean I can't enjoy music made by wise people but I think your more likely to learn something 'new' by someone who doesnt know anything as opposed to someone who has been doing it their whole life."

When there's no pretence, there are no barriers between the listener and the creator. With each step in everyone's supposed education, creative or otherwise, there's the possibility that assumptions arise, and when assumptions formulate, curiosity curls up in a hidden recess and slowly disappears.

Have you streamed Aphex Twin's album Syro yet? If not, here's your chance.