Nowadays, many people listen to music while doing approximately everything in their day to day to life. You will find people listening to music while driving, reading, taking a bath or even while studying for an exam. You might think that music is a distraction, but if you ask some people, they will tell you that actually not having music is the distraction as far as they are concerned.

You will find some writers who prefer doing their writing in a coffee shop because they find the music being played there useful, plus the distorted sounds of a lot of people talking at the same time help them concentrate. Some students prefer to take their headphones with them while they are going to the library. This fact may sound very weird because if you think about it when you want to study, and you put on some music, you are giving your brain two things to concentrate on, that is, the reading and the music, right? Now, why would this serve as a factor to increase concentration?

Studies have shown that the human brain consists of two systems when it comes to paying attention. These systems include the conscious system and the unconscious system. The conscious attention system is the one that enables us to direct our attention to a particular task that we want to work on. Remember, this system enables us to do this willingly.

On the other hand, the unconscious attention system is the one that makes us shift our attention from a task that we are doing, due to the distraction caused by anything that our senses pick up in our surroundings while we are busy attending to the said tasks.

The unconscious system might be simpler and more linked to emotional processing when compared to the conscious attention system. However, it operates so much faster than the latter when it comes to determining where one’s attention is focused towards at a particular moment in time. This is why when you are busy working on something, and you hear a sharp noise, like glass breaking; for example, you cannot help but switch your attention and focus it towards the sound.

Since the two systems are interlinked and work parallel to one another, it means that whenever you are using your conscious attention system, the unconscious system is not switched off, but it is still alert and will always respond to any stimuli that triggers any of your senses.

The fact that the unconscious system is never shut down and is much faster and potent when compared to the conscious one, it means that as a human being you are more inclined to respond to distraction. It shows then that there is a need to find a way to reduce the number of outside distractions to enable you to concentrate on a particular task at hand fully, right?

This is where music comes in. Music provides a very serene and relaxed environment for our unconscious system to concentrate on. This makes it very easy for us to utilize our conscious attention system to focus all our attention on a particular task and be able to keep it there for long periods without shifting it to anything else. This is according to content from the Guardian.

Type of Music to Play While Studying

It is imperative to note that you do not just slap on any kind of music to create some background noise and then you are good to go. Not all music keeps distractions at bay. Different styles of music usually invoke different responses in the brain.

According to Maria Witek and colleagues, the brain requires medium levels of encapsulations in music to be able to evoke a pleasure response and body movements in an individual. This shows that the type of music chosen is highly individual. This is because if you are studying and you listen to music you like, it will help you increase your concentration because it enables you to relax and also helps you memorize things better and vice versa.

Therefore, you should always keep in mind that listening to music while studying has some adverse side effects too. If you listen to music while performing tasks like writing, studies show that you will most likely absorb less information than you would have if you did not listen to music. If you use music to help you memorize stuff while studying, it is obvious that you will need to listen to that song while taking the exam which, as we all know is impossible. That is according to the content from

Whenever you are writing and feel that you need essay help, music is essential as it can help you create a relaxing environment which is very vital while studying or doing assignments. However, it is important to know that no genre can fit all situations; each uses what they prefer. So utilize it and be careful because like everything else, it has both positive and negative sides.