As the remnants of fireworks from Bonfire Night begin to drift across streets like colourful tumbleweed, the smell of the smoke continues to fill the air this cool, crisp morning. Smoke which must be making everyone go a little bit mad because it seems that pop's favourite toddler, Justin Bieber, has decided to spend his money somewhere other than a Rio brothel.

Shots of Me (not to be confused with the social networking site which I just invented 'Shots Off Me' where you use your phone to find bars in which they're OK with people doing shots off another person so you can easily avoid those bars full of drunken rugby "lads") has secured $1.1 million in seed money from the likes of Justin Bieber and boxer Floyd Mayweather because of course when you think social networking, those are the two people you put together. The site, so far, simply has the description of a "social platform for teenagers". Vague; though the title does suggest it's going to be a social network of selfies. Basically, it could be Instagram but without the food.

The company are hoping to capitalise on Bieber's twitter presence, with an audience of around 46.5 million on Twitter, but don't hold your breath. Bieber has previously invested in Stamped. Heard of it? Nah, thought not. Yahoo ended up buying the app for under $6 million, showing that Bieber might not have the skills to shift apps as he does singles.

A social network almost exclusively for fans of Justin Bieber (and don't forget good old Floyd's teenage fans!) could be a blessing for Twitter, though. We'd be able to go days, nay weeks, nay MONTHS, without anything Bieber related appearing in the trending topics. Although, in the infamous battle on the Twitter streets, West Side Story style (with the singing and dancing and everything), between One Direction fans and Bieber fans, the Directions would flood the streets unopposed. Not sure which is best, really.

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