A recent spot by Scott Sterling from Radio.com is giving hope for a possible N*E*R*D reunion.

When asked about the possibility, Pharrell didn't seem to rule it out.

"During an interview backstage at this year’s We Can Survive show at the Hollywood Bowl, Williams took an almost uncomfortably long time pondering the question regarding the group he formed with Neptunes partner Chad Hugo and vocalist Shay Haley in the early 2000s and the prospect of a new album."

Sterling continues, "Carefully weighing his words, Williams finally responded: 'I can’t say right now. But that’s good news. It’s really good news,' he stressed, before smiling and moving on to the next subject."

Considering Pharrell's place as pop music's be-everywhere superstar, producing new solo material and even working with Snoop Dogg (again), it seems like a reunion may not be out of the realm of possibility. Still, Sterlin's details on the event are incredibly vague and should be taken with a grain of salt. Either way, we'll always have 'Lapdance'.