It's a little bit of a shame when large, rich companies shunt people around. But with a name like Saint Pepsi, it's almost as if… well, it seems like it was bound to happen, right?

The lovely man behind Saint Pepsi, Ryan DeRobertis, shared on Facebook the news that Pepsi had finally got in touch with him regarding his moniker. But, since he is such a nice guy, he's just let it slide. His outlook is refreshing, and deserves a read:

just wanted to briefly let you know that a big boy corporation has a tiny problem with the name of one of my music projects! they were gracious enough to entertain the thought of a possible collaboration, a "meeting of the minds", but amicably decided that the potential liability of my future actions was too great a risk to consciously allow me to carry own using the moniker.

it's cool though! in the time i've been using this name i've met some of the most amazing people in the world, and their love and support has enabled me to grow into a fighting chance of an artist. as such, i am in a very powerful creative stage in my career and could not possibly let a dispute over a name slow down my momentum. i'm currently living in dreams and i can't thank each and every one of you enough for believing in me and pushing me further into my fantasies. i hope i continue to make you proud no matter what my first album is released under!

Not letting a large company crush his spirit, it's clear that Ryan's talents transcend having to be anchored to any particular moniker. His sound as Saint Pepsi has developed out of the esoteric depths of vaporwave, where he sampled a lot of funk, soul and disco – notably for his very aptly titled album Hit Vibes – and has since developed his style into one which, via the skittering electronic feels of his Gin City EP, encompasses as much of the groove as his early stuff could ever carve out and more than just a passing penchant for pop, shown in his recent offerings 'Fiona Coyne' and 'Fall Harder'.

In fact, let's listen to 'Fiona Coyne' right now. Maybe there'll be more Saint Pepsi, maybe there won't, but it looks likely that Ryan is set to continue full-steam ahead, name or no name, and that is the most exciting thing.

Why don'tcha check out Ryan's Gin City EP if you've never heard it?