London really is the hottest place to be for new music right now. Forget Brooklyn, London's where it's at. From pioneering Dubstep and post Dubstep in the past few years, to making some of the most interesting bands and some of the most relevant new music, it's boiling over with talent. One such talent are Is Tropical, who have paid their dues playing around London. Now about to go on tour with the wonderful Mystery Jets, while releasing a new single, we caught up with them to see if their famed bandannas would still be there, signing to Kitsuné and upcoming single 'South Pacific'. What have you been up to in the last few months? We've just finished recording the album with Jimmy 'lahmacun' Robertson. Basically was a lot of Turkish food and riffing out. How about being selected to support Mystery Jets? How'd that come about? We've just started the tour with the Mystery Jets and as I write this we're on a ferry to Ireland feeling really hungover... It came about through being mates for a long time. We've also covered their song 'Melt' and they have covered a song of ours, plus we designed one of their new t-shirts, our love is pretty rooted. Are you continuing the whole bandana thing for the tour? Or has the whole keeping separate from the audience thing been defeated by the larger stage? Bandanas are still on! The big stages makes it easier. Your website points to the 22/11/10 - what's the importance of this? This is our single release date. The song is ‘South Pacific‘. We shot the video with an old friend Gareth Phillips at the sea. Made a raft and sailed off into the channel… a little too far and had to get rescued. What was it like signing to Kitsuné? Real good! It was our choice label to be on. We have a lot of creative control which we like. Designing the art work, videos and direction for the album. I love ‘South Pacific‘, loved it when I first heard you play it live, what's the inspiration behind it? It's about escapism. Where we used to sign on in South London, Kennington, there is a bar called South Pacific. It was a daily reminder that we had no money to ever go somewhere warm and exotic… How do you create your songs? Do you want to talk us through how you made one of them? One of us will have an idea and build it to a certain point that we can take to the band. From there it might change a lot, we all put our own spin on it. Dom the drummer might write the lead riff and Gary might write the drum beat, it makes for a interesting recipe. What are the biggest inspirations for your music on a whole? All music inspires us, whether we hate it all love it, it just needs to give us a reaction. Some of the main Influences are bands like Metronomy, The Coral, Justice… ect. and our friends Crystal Fighters, TEETH!!!, Age Of Consent all shape us.
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