While everyone continues arguing about which is better out of Magna Carta Holy Grail or Yeezus, it seems Jay-Z and Kanye will be united again for Watch The Throne 2. At least, according to Mike Dean, Kanye's producer.

Last year Dean confirmed he’d been signed up for the sequel, although no work had begun on it. Following a brief Twitter conversation with Hudson Mohawke, it seems we might have a bit of an update.

As you may have heard, HudMo is not the biggest fan of Magna Carta Holy Grail, in one tweet claiming, "This record could’ve came out 10yrs ago n no one would’ve batted an eye lid." Dean asked in reply, "why the negativity? crown = goat track…easy!"

We'll spare you the full transcription, but the most important couple of tweets are below. Dean cautioned Mohawke, telling him, "don’t burn your bridge for WTT 2!" Is there a more exciting acronym out there?

[via Fact]