Isaac Waddington is young, but the world has already come knocking on his door. After placing fifth on Britain’s Got Talent, his talents have been lauded by the mainstream and niche music press alike. His debut Borselli EP is brewing, and his first single now has its own film treatment; watch 'Nothing’s Changed' below.

The track talks about losing focus when hard work doesn’t immediately pay off, even if you love it (“I wanna find the meaning to the well-known phrase: ‘if you do what you love, you will never go astray’”). The video sets an entirely different mindset, one that shows his own hard work has indeed paid off–he’s traveling the world like he wanted to, having filmed this clip in Morocco. But even the smooth dunes of the Sahara are nothing compared to Waddington’s music. It’s hard not to hear similarities between Waddington and the soulful indietronica king, Tom Misch, especially after the latter’s recent LP release. At the same time, they are difficult to confuse, as Waddington has a swagger much his own.

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