If you are like me, 'Jungle' may very well be your first encounter with Isador. This is the monstrously ambitious project of Warren Heller. Heller maintains a fairly modest online presence so information about him and his project is scant, but one listen to 'Jungle' will help you realize he's one to watch out for in the future.

For a homespun track, 'Jungle' is packed with enough explosive bombast to make every dance floor in the country ripple with energy. Mr. Heller's vocals start fairly nondescript but quickly accumulate a raw energy that compliments the distorted roar of the production. By the end of the track, it almost feels as if the whole thing could fall apart at any moment. "Exhilarating" is a word that is often abused, but it has rarely fit better than it does in describing this track.

"I wrote 'Jungle' when I was living with my parents in New Jersey," explains Heller. "I had just been signed to a record deal and was traveling to New York for meetings. It was an intense inflection point in my life. I was trying to figure out how to transition between these two worlds; realizing that I was leaving the comfort and safety of the house I grew up in for a city and industry that could never live up to the dreams I had for them.

"'Jungle' is me realizing it was time to move forward regardless," he says.

Well 'Jungle' is one hell of a move forward and has made Isador one pop fans must keep a careful eye on. In the meantime, stream 'Jungle' below.